Workshops for Bagpipe, Smallpipe, Hurdy-Gurdy, Diatonic Accordion, Ensemble & Violin
24 - 28 April 2019


You would like to learn bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy or the diatonic button accordion and you want right from the beginning an expert who supports you.
Or are you already advanced on this or other instruments and you are looking for some new input and nice people to play with?
Maybe you just need a little downtime to treat yourself with great experiences, have a short musical vacation and a cosy time.

The Spielkurs is the right place for all of that!

Our annual workshops take place at Radis Manor in Saxony-Anhalt. The next Spielkurs will happen:

24 - 28 April 2019

For our upcoming workshops we have invited amazing bands and fabulous musicians who will support you as experienced teachers
to share their knowledge with you. We are looking forward to welcoming

   Gilles Chabenat (F)      Fred Pouget (F)      Maarten Decombel (B)      Wim Claeys (B)      Simone Bottasso (I)      Nicolò Bottasso (I)   

Anne Marie Summers (GB)      Andrea Hotzko (D)      Johannes Uhlmann (D)      Stefan Straubinger (D)      Richard Pohl (D)      René Pütsch (D)

In addition to the fascinating courses you can expect a lot of great music and dancing, amongst others the big BalFolk Night with the bands:
Tondo, Duo Bottasso und Göze an awesome atmosphere, a terrific location and plenty nice people.
The Spielkurs will be definitely a special experience that you shouldn't miss!

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Achtung:  Viele Kurse sind bereits ausgebucht. Man kann sich jedoch bei einigen noch in die Warteliste eintragen.
Der Spielkurs bietet ein vielfältiges Kursangebot, das die unterschiedlichen Spielniveaus und Interessen berücksichtigen:

Bagpipe / Smallpipe

Bagpipe / Smallpipe

Workshops for beginners, intermedia, medium and advanced players



Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

Diatonic Accordion (Melodeon)

Diatonic Accordion (Melodeon)

Workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players



open for all instruments



The KulturGut Radis is a lovingly renovated manor located in the natural park Dübener Heath. The manor house, protected as a historic monument, and the adjacent park offer the perfect ambience for our Spielkurs. Far removed from any stress you can dive into another world. Here we have rooms for our workshops, accommodation and tasty cakes, freshly baked by the villagers in a traditional wood-fired oven. The evenings are spent at the Dorfsaal, the village hall, which can be reached within a five minute walk. It’s easy to get to Radis, too – either by train (yes, Radis has its own train station!) or by car via the highway A9 (exit Dessau Ost) or the B100.

Schlafen & Essen

Jugendherberge: Wer in der Jugendherberge übernachtet, ist immer am Ort des Geschehens. Die Jugendherberge hat ca. 60 Betten, die wir bevorzugt an Kursteilnehmer vergeben. Übernachtungen in der Jugendherberge sind stets mit Vollpension.   Achtung: Die Jugendhergerbe ist bereits ausgebucht! Es gibt aber eine Warteliste dafür.

Alle Teilnehmer und Gäste, die extern übernachten oder campen, können natürlich auch Mittag-, Abendessen und Frühstück über uns bestellen.

Campen am KulturGut: Für Teilnehmer und Gäste gibt es die Möglichkeit in Radis zu campen. Die Gemeinde Radis stellt dafür einen Teil der angrenzenden Wiese und die Sanitäranlagen der Turnhalle zur Verfügung. Schwerere Fahrzeuge nutzen bitte die Parkplätze. Wer campen möchte, muss dieses vorher über das Buchungsformular - Übernachtungen/Essen - anmelden! Die Bezahlung erfolgt bei Anreise.

Bitte beachtet: Buchungen für Übernachtungen und/oder Essen erfolgen ausschließlich über unsere Webseite. Die JH in Radis nimmt keine individuellen Buchungen entgegen! Es gibt in Radis leider nur Mehrbettzimmer. Es gibt keinen Stromanschluss für Caravans.


  • Feriencamp Radis (ca. 4km außerhalb)
  • Pensionen und Privatanbieter in Gräfenhainichen (ca. 6-10km) und in Kemberg (ca. 10-12km)

Infos zu Radis

  • Informationen zur Geschichte
  • Naturpark Dübener Heide
Spielkurs Radis Übersichtsplan

One of the highlights of the Spielkurs is the great BalFolk night followed by a Late Night Session.
The price of the BalFolk ticket is already in the application fee included, same in the guest ticket.

When?    Friday, 26.04.2019 ab 20:00 h,
Where?    ZUM SAAL - 06901 Radis, Straße des Friedens 19

Which bands will play?

  • TONDO  -  Gilles Chabenat, Fred Pouget, Maarten Decombel
  • DUO BOTTASSO  -  Nicolò Bottasso, Simone Bottasso
  • GÖZE  -  Wim Claeys, Maarten Decombel

You don't want participate at a workshop but you like to come to the BalFolk?
No problem! Go to - Booking - to purchase your ticket.

Attention!  BalFolk tickets are just available on this website and only in advance.
                There is no guaranty to get tickets at the door!


Application Fee 195 EUR
Application Fee (until age of 15)145 EUR
Instrument Lending Fee  25 EUR

Complete L (Full Board Accommodation at the Hostel Radis)135 EUR
Komplett S (up to 15 Y)115 EUR
Extra-Meals (lunch and dinner for 3 days)  45 EUR
Extra-Essen PLUS (lunch and dinner for 3 days + all breakfasts)  67 EUR
Dinner for the day of arriving / Lunch for the day of departure6 EUR each
Breakfast5,50 EUR each
Camping at Radis Manor (per person / per night)7 EUR

Guest Ticket40 EUR
BalFolk Ticket20 EUR
BalFolk reduced (up to 25 Y)15 EUR
BalFolk Kids (under 15 Y)free entrance


    Accommodation & Food
    Guests & BalFolk

Please note: By submitting the application form or a booking you accept or registration conditions.


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Our Tutors

The Spielkurs collaborated over the years with so much fantastic musicians. During the first years […]


Please use our contact form for all requests regarding the workshops, artists, accommodation, events, BalFolk etc. ...
Neither the Radis Manor nor the Youth Hostel Radis will accept any individual enquiries for the workshop period.

Event Location
  •  KulturGut Radis Radiser Bahnhofstr. 18, 06901 Kemberg / OT Radis, Germany