Bagpipe workshops, Spielkurs Radis

Bagpipe & Huemmelchen (German smallpipe)


This beginners class is an ideal opportunity to just try out the bagpipe and German small pipe (Huemmelchen) to discover these fascinating instruments. Step by step newbies learn all the basics necessary to play the bagpipes: Blowing and coordination of the instrument, sustaining and intonation of a note and so on. In the end, everyone can play at least one melody. Those with a bit of previous knowledge of Huemmelchen or bagpipe playing get scores of tips on further development of technique, repertoire and how to continue at home.
Depending on the level we’ll build two working groups at the begin of the workshop.

Neither the ability to read sheet music nor previous knowledge of the instruments are necessary for the participation. A recording device is helpful. Please indicate in the application form if you need a rental instrument! Please also state whether you’d prefer: a bagpipe (based on the Shepherd Pipe) or a German small pipe (Huemmelchen).

Andrea Hotzko & René Pütsch (Germany)