Diatonisches Akkordeon Kurse, Spielkurs Radis

Diatonic Accordion / Melodeon

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The diatonic accordion has been one of the most popular instruments in the BalFolk scene for some years. If you want to just give this versatile instrument a try or if you have already started but still needs some help to better understand the diato, this workshop is the right one for you! Using easy yet beautiful melodies you’ll be taught the basics of bellows technique and coordination of your two hands for a balanced harmonie between melody and basses. We’ll work on the many sequences of movement for you to feel comfortable with the instrument and have fun with rehearsing and playing it.

The instruments have to be in the key of G/C (construction type and assignment of keys may vary).
Please indicate in the application form if you need a rental instrument!

Jan Budweis (Germany)