Ehren RUTH, Rudolstadt, Andrea Hotzko, 2016

RUTH award 2016

Ehren RUTH, Weltmusik Preis, 2016, Andrea Hotzko

The Spielkurs was and is an important annual date for quite a number of people. Many took right here their first steps into the world of music. But such an event doesn’t organize itself. It takes a lot of work, time and dedication to again and again turn the Spielkurs into an amazing experience for so many people.

In 2016 this commitment received a special recognition when the Ehren-RUTH (German music award) was awarded to Andrea Hotzko, an award given by the Dance and Folk Festival Rudolstadt to honor people or institutions who made an outstanding contribution towards the German folk scene. As one of the founders of the Spielkurs, she’s been organizing the workshops on her own for the last couple of years. Her efforts do not only focus on the participants’ satisfaction, but also on the well-being of her colleagues, who often gladly travel great distances to take part in the Spielkurs in Radis. Unsurprisingly, the Spielkurs for bagpipes and hurdy-gurdies is internationally well-known and has an excellent reputation.

In her acceptance speech during the RUTH award ceremony on the big stage of the Heidecksburg, Andrea Hotzko stressed the often underestimated contribution the many amateur-musicians make to our cultural landscapes. Besides the obvious learning of traditional instruments, she always wants to facilitate the joint playing of music, because music essentially depends on the togetherness. To further emphasize her point, she’d asked all participants, colleagues and friends of the Spielkurs in advance, to gather in a flash mob during the award ceremony and join her and the musicians on stage to jam.

RUTH 2016, Andrea Hotzko, MDR