Specials, Gesang, Bodhran, Spielkurs Radis


Like many folk cultures, Breton music is based on singing. In Brittany, singing happens in the most diverse of contexts and is highly influenced by the regional history. You will get to know a wide range of songs – laments, hiking songs, worksongs, etc. – and I will show you how to get the best vocal sounds out of them. The most popular style of Breton songs is for dancing, though. We will look particularly at the “Chant dans la ronde”, the ancient, yet living tradition of singing while dancing in a circle. The repertoire is mainly French, but we will also have a small excursion into the Breton language. The lyrics are kept simple so you don’t need to worry about the words. Our main goal is to have fun while singing, whether solo, duo or in a group.

Please bring some sheets and a pencil. A recorder is definitely quite handy as well.

Maude Madec (France-Brittany)

Frame drums are among the oldest instruments in the world. The Bodhran is mostly related to Irish music, but can be used in different musical styles, like European dance music, just as well. In this course I will start by showing you how to play the instrument, including all the basics on posture, stick handling, sound design, etc. After that we will play with the different rhythms, especially those relevant to dancing. Since a percussion instrument should not only accompany a melody, but also support and structure it, we will now and then fuse with some of the other courses to practice playing with melody instruments.
This workshop is an ideal starting point for absolute beginners. Folks who have some experience (for instance with Irish folk) but want to broaden their horizon can learn new rhythms for accompaniment.

Tania Buisse (France)