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This fiddle workshop shall be a laboratory for you to explore your instrument without prejudice. Its purpose is to strengthen your faith in the violin, but even more so your own playing. To that end we will sound out melodic and harmonic aspects and possibilities for effects. Besides the common techniques (breathing, scales, bow techniques and left-handed-technique) we’ll work both on tunes from Northern Italy and other European cultures with strong fiddle traditions, as well as newly composed dance music. The repertoire will be approached from multiple perspectives: technique (fingering, bows), interpretation (ornaments, phrasing) and finally arrangement (2nd voices, improvisation, accompaniment). But it’s first and foremost about the fun of playing!

This workshop aims at people who already play the violin (so not at beginners). For a good workflow and effectivity it would be helpful if you can read sheet music or quickly grasp melodies by ear. Please also bring sheets, pencil and definitely a recorder.

with Nicolò Bottasso