Ensemblekurs, Spielkurs Radis

Folk Ensemble


Ensemble workshops are an exciting experience: Different instruments and tonal colours just happen to meet and little by little turn from a “side-by-side” to a “together”. For their ensemble workshops, Barn and James will focus on selected tunes from the repertoire of Topette!! (There will be scores of the melodies provided, with basic chords included.) We will first explore their form and structure, based on that we will develop different voices and riffs. Using these melodies, we will build arrangements, out of the strengths of the group, around ideas coming from the participants themselves. To play music in a group is a synergetic experience, more than the sum of its parts. Barn and James will provide a supportive atmosphere, focussed on the whole group listening to each other, sharing and developing riffs and arrangement ideas. Don’t worry if you can’t read music, as long as you can play in tune and in time, it will be easy to pick up the tunes by ear. Many aspects of the workshop can easily be applied to your own bands or musical projects later on. The ensemble group will be working towards a unique performance, at the end of Spielkurs, where we hope to play music that is great to listen to, but also a pleasure to dance to … So, let’s have fun!

The ensemble class is open for any kind of instrument and we welcome also musicians from other musical background who wants to discover new aspacts of music.
Please indicate in the application form with which instruments you are coming (also key, playing experience, etc). Please bring some sheets and a pencil. A recorder is definitely quite handy as well.

James Delarre (England) & Barnaby Stradling (England)