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The ensemble workshop is focused on ‘making music together’.
We want to work on arrangements that are suspenseful and reflect different facets of our instruments. In addition to that, we will explain some rules of voice guidance that can be used to develop a nice polyphony, but it also requires the creativity of the participants. We also want to try out which harmonies and rhythms support the character of the melodies or dances. Other working points are: listening to each other, the sound, the interaction, as well as the precise interjection and the groove. Anyone who has already gained initial experience in improvisation can incorporate it. Our repertoire includes pieces from traditional French music as well as contemporary compositions with world-music influence. Everything that has been learned can later easily be transferred to one’s own repertoire and to other groups.

Please indicate in the application form with which instruments you are coming (also key, playing experience, etc). Please bring some sheets and a pencil. A recorder is definitely quite handy as well.

with Fred Pouget and Maarten Decombel